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Financial Services

Preparation of Financial Statements – To easily obtain pertinent financial and operational information to make timely and informed business decisions.

Payroll Preparation and Reporting – We can facilitate all of your payroll needs, from check printing to end-of-the-year W2’s and annual reporting requirements.

Tax Planning and Preparation

We prepare current and prior year   business returns at reasonable rates, and we offer Electronic Filing year-round.

IRS Tax Audit Consultation – We will represent and assist you in documentation preparation in the event that you are in need of Audit Services.

Professional Tax Consultation – We assist in year round tax planning.

IRS Payment Agreements – We assist in setting up affordable payment agreements for IRS tax liabilities.

IRS Offer In Compromises – We assist in assessing and setting up reasonable OIC Agreements.

Third Party IRS Representation – We meet and discuss your tax matters with the IRS via your Power of Attorney.

Investment Review

Our firm reviews your investment & retirement portfolio and provides direction for the appropriate structure to maximize your after-tax return.

Management Service

Business Planning – We will accommodate current operations and expansions. We assist in securing adequate financing and aid in developing your business plans and work with you, your banker, lawyer, insurance agent, and other advisors to help facilitate your business plans.

Business Entity Organization – As you start a business, we assist you with selecting the proper Business Organizational structure, and we file all required documents and registration with the appropiate government agency in order to eatablish a legal business entity. We will assist with the development of your organizational structure including preparation of the 501(C)3 application for Non-Profit (tax exempt-organizations).

Consulting – We will be available as a technical resource for your company, and provide you and your organization with the necessary consultations as may be required. Our firm can provide the training and resources in order for your business to computerize your in- house bookeeping requirements. You can rely on our knowledge and experience to assist you and your staff in making a smooth transition from a computerized operation, including on going training and technical support.  Learn more…

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